Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It was quite an eventful day
I had stuck to a meteor
I was heading towards a planet
I knew that being on a place where life could develop would allow me to advance further in my life goal of finding out who I am, and what is my purpose
I landed on the planet
I could tell from the shock-wave that I had landed
I quickly tried to know the planet that would be my home for quite a while, when I found something
What's this? I thought, there was a single celled organism in front of me
Being in a living body would be much nicer than being a mind inhabiting a spare atom
So I killed it
I, for the first time, transferred my soul into a living body
This was amazing, I thought. So much could be done now!
I could multiply, I could get energy much quicker
But most importantly, I had a living body
Over time
I could evolve

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