Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Let's skip forward even more
My planet's dominant species were a race of sentient squids
I was one of them
Science advanced, because religion was shunned across the entire planet, our tech was magnificent
But then, the worst possible outcome occurred
I remember it like yesterday
A man became well known
His name was Nightshade
He became ruler of my planet, Tactelen
He seemed to like me
I was his top scientist and warrior
But then, he started a genocide campaign
He launched a flurry of nukes across the planet
I fled
I hastily turned the small city I owned into a 1-mile long escape pod
I escaped in the nick of time
I was in orbit, when something truly odd happened
A teleportation spiral, constructed from solid nitrogen was spotted
It had a USB port
This was getting stranger and stranger
So, I did the most intelligent possible thing anyone could have done in that situation
I attached a USB cord to my city
I placed the cord connector in the USB port on the spiral
Suddenly, the entire city was in another spot in the universe
And it was hurtling towards a planet
"Well, we're fucked" I said after being alerted of the new information

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Lots of adventures happened when i was a micro-organism, but they would bore you
People can be so predictable
Let's fast forward a couple billion years
I was a reptile
I was strolling across a natural dirt path
I saw something strange
It was a diamond
It looked blocky, though
I went over to it to touch it
I had always liked diamonds
When i touched it, it dissipated
In its place, was a spiral, constructed with carbon
I walked on top of it
It was now glowing
A thought appeared in my head, as if the spiral was communicating directly to my brain
"Use some of your own energy to make more portals"
That shocked me, for obvious reasons
I walked 50 ft away from it, and concentrated
I tried to visualize another spiral in front of me
And it appeared
I was getting confused now, none of anything that had happened in the past 5 minutes was possible
I was suddenly tired, I guess I used a lot of my "Energy" as the voice would say
So i rested in the sunlight, waiting for a time to be able to really think about these portals
I got up, and walked to the nearby spiral I made
I visualized standing in the other spiral
A blinding flash of light exploded where I was standing
I was now standing in the original spiral
Now this is interesting, I thought


It was quite an eventful day
I had stuck to a meteor
I was heading towards a planet
I knew that being on a place where life could develop would allow me to advance further in my life goal of finding out who I am, and what is my purpose
I landed on the planet
I could tell from the shock-wave that I had landed
I quickly tried to know the planet that would be my home for quite a while, when I found something
What's this? I thought, there was a single celled organism in front of me
Being in a living body would be much nicer than being a mind inhabiting a spare atom
So I killed it
I, for the first time, transferred my soul into a living body
This was amazing, I thought. So much could be done now!
I could multiply, I could get energy much quicker
But most importantly, I had a living body
Over time
I could evolve

Friday, January 2, 2015


Terminal booted up succesfully
\>run YB:\Users\TRS\Documents\LLOG.exe
Executing document…

I did not see you there
You are probably wondering what this text is
This is a log that tells the story of a man who eventually became something like a god
This may be fiction
This may be an actual file originating from another plane of reality
It is up to you to decide
Choose wisely, because it may affect many lives
More than you would expect
But anyway, I am sure of the fact that you want to hear a story
People can be so predictable
Where and when should I start the tale?
At the beginning?
At the end?
The latter would be over quick so, I say I do a summary of the beginning, then start at 2050 AD. Would that satisfy you?
I know it would
People can be so predictable
Still, I can imagine you getting quite bored by now, so I should start now
Here it goes:
A very long time ago, I was there
The most I remembered, was being there
Just there, all I could do, is just be there
Etches remained in my mind, leaving hints that before, perhaps, I could do greater than just float and think
But it had seemed that something had prevented me from being significant
Someone, or something had stolen my power
But that, had seemed to have been a long time ago, and those reminders left in my mind were fading
Suddenly my attention was driven away from those thoughts, but nothing could have done that
Nothing should have been able to do that, I thought
But that was old, a new thought in my mind told me. Think about something else
So I did

And I never really thought about that again, at least not for a very long while