Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Lots of adventures happened when i was a micro-organism, but they would bore you
People can be so predictable
Let's fast forward a couple billion years
I was a reptile
I was strolling across a natural dirt path
I saw something strange
It was a diamond
It looked blocky, though
I went over to it to touch it
I had always liked diamonds
When i touched it, it dissipated
In its place, was a spiral, constructed with carbon
I walked on top of it
It was now glowing
A thought appeared in my head, as if the spiral was communicating directly to my brain
"Use some of your own energy to make more portals"
That shocked me, for obvious reasons
I walked 50 ft away from it, and concentrated
I tried to visualize another spiral in front of me
And it appeared
I was getting confused now, none of anything that had happened in the past 5 minutes was possible
I was suddenly tired, I guess I used a lot of my "Energy" as the voice would say
So i rested in the sunlight, waiting for a time to be able to really think about these portals
I got up, and walked to the nearby spiral I made
I visualized standing in the other spiral
A blinding flash of light exploded where I was standing
I was now standing in the original spiral
Now this is interesting, I thought

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